Working with us - why you should join the team

In the B2B conference world "Topic is King", but at Advanced Conferences & Meetings, we also understand that our employees are equally vital to our success; our team's talent, skills, industry knowledge and drive are fundamentally what allow us to deliver the timely and vital events that our markets demand and what propels our growth and diversity. It's not rocket science - a great topic is only a worthwhile commodity when it has a skilled team to develop it, promote it and deliver it for the right audience at the right time and at the right price.

Our industry by its very nature has to be dynamic and cutting edge and thus it is similar levels of energy and innovation that we look for from all members of our team. Whether experienced, or new to the conferencing world, if you can bring ambition, passion, commitment and some nascent commercial acumen to us, we can help nurture and grow those qualities within a structured, fast paced and engaging meritocracy. We don't just want to recruit the best talent in our industry, we want to train, motivate and retain them.

Outlining our expectations - what we are looking for from you

We want born entrepreneurs and communicators - ingrained within our corporate vision are a philosophy of collaboration and an ideas focused culture of innovation. Regardless of which function you have within the business, we want people who are looking to create opportunities, who want to be there at the inception of a great new product, have the instinct and vision to refresh existing events and know how to get internal and external buy-in for their ideas. We want all of our team's opinions when it comes to reaching our markets and evolving our corporate strategy.

We want professionalism to be your byword - we have to deliver on all of our promises to clients each and every time and we must exceed, not just meet their expectations. No shortcuts, no compromises - B2B commercial conferencing is first and foremost a service industry and maintaining our reputation for quality, integrity and added value is paramount to our success and longevity.

We want resilience, drive and a hunger to learn - maintaining productivity and the ability to multi-task and meet deadlines are essential skillsets in the fast-paced conferencing environment. If you can thrive when ascending a learning curve and you are a confident decision maker under pressure, you are in the right place.

Good managers should always look to hire people with the potential to be even better than they are. Show us why you are one of those people.

Setting your expectations - our commitment to our team

Investing in our team is one of our key values, set at the very heart of our business. Advanced Conferences & Meetings provide a wealth of opportunities for skills and careers development across a diverse range of disciplines. As a growing company, there are ample opportunities to grow with us, learn a wide range of cross-functional skills and take your next steps in to management.

From your induction onwards, you will receive a mix of on-the-job mentoring and more advanced training and as part of your structured development, you will take part in objective annual appraisals. We believe our best practices and processes are both ideal for our industry, but also give an excellent grounding in highly transferable business skills. Positions with us often involve international travel and opportunities to network at a very high level, adding another layer of experience and development.

Ultimately of course, remuneration and financial rewards are a key consideration of any job. Not only do we believe our employment packages are highly competitive, but we also offer different functions a variety of ways to participate in our Incentive Compensation Plan scheme.

Our commitment to staff is straightforward, if you bring the right attitude to work each day, we will bring the tools, training and incentives for you to thrive.

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