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“Need to know, not nice to know” is our mantra when it comes to topic at Advanced Conferences & Meetings. Our events are niche, targeted and unique and they are designed for specific audiences with specific objectives. That means that if you work in our chosen industries across the MENA region, while many of our conferences will be designed for somebody else, some will be designed exactly to fit your latest business requirements.

By researching directly and extensively with your industry peers, we know what the points of pain you are currently facing are and we also know what trends and opportunities you need to be a part of. Whether it is catching up with a new regulatory landscape, claiming market share or understanding how to utilise and roll-out new technologies – our expert and timely agendas as well as our interactive formats and networking functions can both inform and inspire.

Quality B2B conferences still represent by far the most cost-effective and efficient way to keep up-to-date:

The ACM Interface+ Format

The ACM Interface+ conference format is designed to optimise the valuable and finite time our busy delegations can dedicate to being out of the office while also enhancing their enjoyment of the ACM on-site experience. Specifically tailored to our region of operations here in the Middle East, the Interface+ format maximises networking opportunities, facilitating the building of profitable relationships within the context of a dynamic, efficient and relevant learning environment.

ACM conference days, using the Interface+ format, have an earlier start than conventional agendas and conclude with a late lunch. The conference sessions are regularly punctuated by refreshment and networking breaks to allow for unhurried face-to-face interaction between peers, colleagues and business prospects. The mid-afternoon conclusion of our formal conference agenda allows for government representatives and busy executives to adjourn earlier in the day, having still enjoyed a full and rich programme of content. Post-lunch, ACM will offer additional, optional learning and networking opportunities in the shape of workshops, product demonstrations, technology launches, site visits, pre-arranged 1-2-1 business meetings and hosted receptions.

Interface+ makes timing sense for our delegates and business sense for our sponsors.


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