Our Media Partners

By the very nature of its events, Advanced Conferences & Meetings attracts audiences that are not only high level and clearly segmented by sector and role, but by definition are both influential and in search of information. If you are an association, publication or portal relevant to one or more of our events, then our target audience is also your target audience and we should be working together to our mutual benefit and to that of our audience.

By entering a tailored contra agreement with us, we can offer you branding and communication opportunities across our pre-event marketing campaigns, our Web sites and on-site at our conferences, which often run alongside major regional exhibitions. In return, we would look to promote our conferences via banner ads and Web links, publication inserts and articles, joint mailing campaigns and social media platforms.

Embark on a fruitful and long-term partnership with us and expose the benefits of your organisation to a wider regional and international audience:

To discover more, please contact our team